Here is what our customers are saying about Original Landscaping

Original Landscaping maintains our office headquarters grounds and condominiums in the Capitol year round. They have always provided great service, helping us keep the high-end designer look we strive for. Highly recommended.
Rockville Maryland 20851

We contacted Original Landscaping to install a new irrigation system for our tree-lined property. During their work, they noticed that some of our trees had a fungus, and were able to treat them with trimming and an anti-fungal solution before it spread. This literally saved us thousands of dollars! Since then, we have also hired them to do maintenance on our property, and we’re extremely happy with the service.
Reston Virginia

Original Landscaping came across as very knowledgeable when I first contacted them about planting options for my retail property. I wanted beautiful plants that would be sturdy and invite customers to linger a bit longer. Their team surveyed the space, indoor and outdoor, and suggested a very cost effective design. It seems that customers use the plant-filled areas to recharge before hitting up a few more stores. Love it!
Gaithersburg Maryland

Every time I come home, I get a comforting feeling as I get a glimpse of my yard, and then walk through it to the front door. The garden that didn’t exist last year is now home to birds, squirrels, ladybugs, and more. I am able to enjoy the different beauty of each season, and I can rely on Original Landscaping’s green-thumbed staff to keep it up for me. That is a win-win. Thanks so much!
Silver Spring Maryland 20902

I highly recommend Original Landscaping for your design and landscape maintenance. I have brought them on to “rehab” a few commercial and residential investment properties. The difference was night and day, and increased the value a great deal. I am very happy with their work.
Alexandria Virginia

Original Landscaping keeps our lawn, rose bushes, and trees healthy year round. Though I still enjoy doing some gardening, I can now let their experts do all the “hard stuff”, like fertilizing and tree trimming. Always friendly, on time, and top quality work.

Bethesda Maryland 20814

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