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Landscaping in Alexandria VA:  make your property’s exterior look stunning

Landscaping is more than just beautifying an expansion. It is a complete lifestyle and a style statement that makes you stand out. Having proper and well-designed landscaping can provide you a space for comfort and calmness. Orignallandscape services for landscaping in Alexandria VA gives a great gesture of natural beauty to your expansion. Landscaping in Alexandria VA requires a proper plan with eye on the future because the plantation you make takes time to grow. Many aspects for landscaping in Alexandria VA need to be considered by those who go for landscaping services. Start with the planning stage because you do not want a design or theme which lags behind the theme of your property. This also involves the selection of colors for landscaping because it depicts your taste and mood. From planning to implementation and from implementation to maintenance, we have all the services lined up for you.

You can pick any design from the internet or market and our experts of landscaping in Alexandria VA will make it a reality. We have always laid stress on customer participation because we want to give you an outcome which gels with your mood. Designing patterns and textures for grass, planting beautiful flower beds with innovative border designs is a routine work for our experts. Whether it’s our mulching services, lawn care services, mowing services or any other service, you are sure to see innovation at its best. Our team for landscaping in Alexandria VA keep track with the latest trends and molds them to give them a touch of your own taste. This not only gives your property a trendy feel but also makes it your desired comfort zone. We have lined up different cost friendly plans for our lawn care services and other services. A full written agreement is signed where you have no hidden charges. We have given landscaping in Alexandria VA a new path of innovation which shows in our completed work. The crafty stone work that we devise for ponds, streams, pools, waterfall has no parallel. No matter whether you want such work for your home or for a five star hotel, our experts will deliver the best results.

Maintaining a proper soil condition and healthy flower bed is quite a difficult task. People normally do not have the knowledge of the maintenance procedures and ingredients needed for this purpose. Our landscapers and mowing experts for landscaping in Alexandria VA specialize in this regard. Apart from our maintenance services, you can consult us any time and you will be rendered with the best tips. Our services for landscaping in Alexandria VA are as diverse as it can get. Traditional, modern, classy, elegant or no matter what your desired theme is, we comply with all your requirements. Orignallandscape also offers services such as repairs and lighting installations, seasonal pruning or trimming of trees and shrubs, decorating ponds and waterfalls etc.  For landscaping in Alexandria VA, you can hire us for liming fertilization, clearance of overgrown weeds, path lighting, sensor detection, installing shrubs, weeding beds, mulching beds and so on. The spectrum of our services is a vast one and our experts are truly professional in all aspects. So make you home or commercial property talk with the most exquisite and innovative designs and themes of landscaping with our services for landscaping in Alexandria VA.


Alexandria VA Lawn Care & Landscaping

We are Virginia’s own Original Landscaping, providing the absolute best services of Landscaping and lawn care in Alexandria VA and the surrounding area. With over seven years of dedication and experience in design and maintenance, customer satisfaction has remained at an all time high. We provide the following services:

  • Landscape Design & Planning

Have an idea of what you want, but not sure how to put it down on paper and ultimately implement it? Let the experts give you a hand! We can take your image of the perfect yard or garden, plan out the design, and bring it to life for you!

Unsure of what you want? No problem! Most people need an idea of what a landscaper is capable of before they’re able to vision the perfect design for them. We can go over any and every option for your garden, front and/or backyard. With our help, we’re positive that you’ll make a decision you can be truly proud of every time you take a step outside!

  • Landscape Decorations

It isn’t all about what your land possesses that can make it beautiful; our add-ons can help shape and mold your lawn into the perfect image. Our experts are true artists, and your land is their canvas!

  • Landscaping Maintenance Services

Landscaping is not a one shot deal, and we understand that. This is why we can provide our valued customers with a comprehensive maintenance plan to make sure that their lawns, gardens and yards are up-kept in the original design, and does not lose its beauty.

  • Trees and Shrubs

Most people see trees and shrubs as a nuisance, and want them taken down. Original Landscape can make it as if they were never there. Our professionals are at the top of the field when it comes to tree removals in Alexandria, VA.

We can also do tree and shrub alterations for you, such as branch trimming and tree/shrub design.

  • Lawn Care

Have your lawn looking clean and tended for without the work! Original Landscape can periodically cut your grass, trim trees and bushes, clean up those pesky leaves, and much more. Give us a call to find out more: 703-260-6933

  • Irrigation/Sprinkler system Installation & Repairs
Take the work out of keeping your lawn watered and healthy by having us install an Irrigation/Sprikler system for your convenience. These systems can automatically water your land, keeping it looking fresh, green and beautiful.
Need a repair? Our technicians are thoroughly trained not only in installing, but also repairing irrigation and sprinkler systems of all makes and models.

If you are a Do It Yourself landscape fan, you can do your own and then leave the maintenance to us.

Here is a Home Depot & Lowes location list in Alexandria, Virginia where you can buy plants:

809 S Washington St

300 Calvert Ave

7835 Richmond Hwy

8351 Richmond Hwy, #A

7902 Fort Hunt Rd

List of nurseries in Alexandria VA:

211 N Union St

1701 Duke St, #275

1721 W Braddock Rd

300 Calvert Ave

2801 Beacon Hill Rd

7835 Richmond Hwy

8351 Richmond Hwy, #A

8428 Osman Dr

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Zip code that we serve:

22301, 22302, 22303, 22304, 22305, 22306, 22307, 22309, 22311, 22313, 22320, 22331, 22333, 22334, 22350

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