Snow Removal

MD: 301-358-5577 DC: 202-684-8377 VA: 703-260-6933 Baltimore: 410-346-2333

ORIGINAL LANDSCAPE SNOW REMOVAL SERVICE employees are insured, experienced, and dedicated professionals that provide outstanding service for all business properties during the winter season. ORIGINAL LANDSCAPE SNOW REMOVAL SERVICE specializes in servicing large commercial properties, industrial sites, educational and religious facilities, multi-residential housing complexes, and retail developments ranging from corner strip centers, grocery, single building retail sites, and shopping malls.

Additionally we feature 24 hour live operators during every winter storm. There are no answering machines or unanswered incoming phone calls. Pedestrian safety and great prices have always been the top priorities of our company.


With ORIGINAL LANDSCAPE REMOVAL SERVICE you can rest assured that your property will be safe and fully accessible throughout the coming snow season.


Original Landscape Removal Services is a company you can trust and count on featuring:


  • Professional Equipment
  • Quality On-Time Service
  • Professional Snow and Ice Removal
  • Radio Dispatched
  • Over 10 Years Experience
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Emergency Services


Services Provided For

Airports, snow shovel Condominiums, Factories, Hospitals, Industrial Parks, Medical Centers, Office Plazas, Private Villages, Railroads, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Shopping Malls, Town home Complexes, Trucking Terminals.

Original Landscape Snow Removal Services are provided in the entire DMV area.

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