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Services of landscaping in Silver Spring MD


For those who are looking out for professional landscaping in Silver Spring MD, Orignallandscape services are the best ploy for this purpose. Landscaping is a renovation activity that adds immensely to the visible or prominent features of some house or commercial property and invites an elegant and natural feel to it. Professional landscaping in Silver Spring MD not only brings a vibrant attraction to some property but also adds to its commercial value. Many also avail such services to enhance the recreational aspects of their home or property and to make it a pleasing expansion.

Our professional landscaping experts look into all the physical aspects and conditions of your property and the surrounding areas. Based on such thorough study of the dimensions and aspects of a property, they work in collaboration with our customers and clients and devise solution and designs which are customized to suit their requirement and taste. So they are actively involved in both planning a design that suits your need and implementing the same with the best techniques and latest technologies. After our landscaping in Silver Spring MD experts complete your project, they ensure that the design and the other features remain intact for which they provide maintenance services. You can ask them to give your property regular visits so that proper care and maintenance can be exercised. Most of the people while renovating their house tend to ignore the entrance areas or the outer aspects. They need to make a checklist for this purpose because the first impression of you property is dependent on its exterior or the entrance area which includes your lawn and plantation. Our professionals of landscaping in Silver Spring MD are providing a wide array of services for both home and commercial scale projects whether on a small or large scale. The core or the primary services that we provide includes Landscape planning and design services based on weather, desired palette, building or property type, taste and liking for plants and different types of maintenance services. Such services are customized to cater a wide spectrum of services which are as follows.

  1.  Our Landscape decoration services include the designing and incorporation of ponds, birdbaths, fountains and reflecting ball.
  2. Our maintenance services for landscaping in Silver Spring MD include groundskeeping services, cleaning or pickup of debris or leaves, garden pest control services, mulching services and fertilization and mowing services.
  3. The lawn care services that we provide features the preparation of soil, seeding of grass, installation of sod and the control and removal of weed.
  4. Our experts will devise the best irrigation and watering system so that your grass, plants, shrubs and the overall features of your lawn can be maintained.
  5. We also provide customized services for spotlighting, sensor detection, path lighting and preparing your lawn or expansion for social or commercial events.
  6. Our landscaping in Silver Spring MD experts are also skilled in building retaining walls from attractive and natural materials and they build such walls in different shapes, designs and patterns according to the will of our customers.
  7. We also provide services for installation of different natural stones which we also use in retaining walls, fountains and in any manner you desire.

The list is just a preview as we have a lot on offer. So if landscaping in Silver Spring MD is what you need, do contact us and give your property the true value and attraction it deserves.

Silver Spring Lawn Care & Landscaping

We are Original Landscaping, serving the Silver Spring MD area with over seven years experience.

Being a local Silver Spring Landscaping company we know the environment, the soil and agriculture that Silver Spring has to offer.

We provide the following services:

  • Landscape Design & Planning
  • Landscape Decorations
  • Landscaping Maintenance Services
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Lawn Care
  • Irrigation Installation & Repairs
  • Hardscape landscaping & Design
Here is a Home Depot & Lowe’s locations near you where you can buy plants:

8670 Georgia Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910

959 Bonifant St Silver Spring, MD 20910

723 Thayer Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910

900 Jesup Blair Dr Silver Spring, MD 20910

1715 Tamarack St NW Washington, DC 20012

611 Thayer Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910

2210 Washington Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910

2214 Washington Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910

List of nurseries in Silver Spring MD:

8201 Georgia Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910

505 Schuyler Rd Silver Spring, MD 20910

9513 Georgia Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910

2403 Linden Ln Silver Spring, MD 20910

6901 Laurel Ave Takoma Park, MD 20912

8204 Flower Ave Takoma Park, MD 20912

518 University Blvd W Silver Spring, MD 20901

5932 3rd St NW Washington, DC 20011

Local Links:

Zip code that we serve:

20901, 20902, 20903, 20904, 20908, 20910, 20911, 20912, 20913, 20916, 20993, 20997

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