EEDI3 fork with OpenCL and speed optimization by HolyWu, AlucardSama04's VapourSynth Function That Helps You With Debanding, A simple filter that fills the borders of a clip, without changing the clip's dimensions. Only 8 bit clips are allowed at this time. I just compiled the git version for my Arch Linux install. they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. Can also be effective for temporal blurring.

VapourSynth port of DGMVCSource, a MVC source filter, Spatio-temporal dotcrawl and rainbow remover for VapourSynth, Rapid, Detail-Preserving Image Downscaler. DeCross is a spatio-temporal cross color (rainbow) reduction filter. Press J to jump to the feed. Apply color adjustments using curves similar to Adobe Photoshop and GIMP curves tools. Based on Waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan,SRMD-ncnn-Vulkan and Waifu2x-converter. libplacebo-based debanding, scaling and color mapping plugin for VapourSynth. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Started in Hack the Valley 2, 2018. python machine-learning video vulkan waifu2x qt5 super-resolution waifu2x-converter-cpp upscaling neuronal-network waifu2x-caffe ncnn video-enlarger srmd anime4k waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan srmd-ncnn-vulkan anime4kcpp: 14. Resizing and Format Conversion: ncnn Vulkan: 2020-07-06 : Github: Adaptive grain: adg: Reimplementation of the adaptive_grain mask as a Vapoursynth plugin. ASTDRmc performs motion compensation before calling ASTDR. Am I suppose to just 2x it, then 2x that? SRMD: srmdnv: SRMD super resolution for VapourSynth, based on srmd-ncnn-vulkan. VapourSynth port of tp7's Avisynth plugin. GitHub is where people build software.

AreaResize is an area average downscale resizer plugin. MotionMask creates a mask of moving pixels.
Add a description, image, and links to the SRMD super resolution for VapourSynth, based on srmd-ncnn-vulkan. Script versions of support functions from WarpSharp, xy-VSFilter with VapourSynth interface added, based on the source of pinterf's fork. DFMDerainbowMC performs motion compensation before calling DFMDerainbow. We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. Post image comparisons, techniques, benchmarks and general discussions. A lossless video/GIF/image upscaler achieved with waifu2x, Anime4K, SRMD and RealSR. Can be used for removing luminance ghost or edge ghost (ringing). A collection of general-purpose Vapoursynth functions to be reused in modules and scripts. A really simple mask cleaning plugin for VapourSynth based on mt_hysteresis. More than 50 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects. Started in Hack the Valley 2, 2018. Can open MP4, MOV, ISO base media without having to create an index file. A simple alternative to MaskTools2's mt_lutspa. proton-ge-custom-stable-bin (requires vulkan-driver) (optional) realsr-ncnn-vulkan (requires vulkan-driver) realsr-ncnn-vulkan-git (requires vulkan-driver) srmd-ncnn-vulkan (requires vulkan-driver) srmd-ncnn-vulkan-git (requires vulkan-driver) vulkan-icd-loader-git (requires vulkan-driver) (optional) waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan (requires vulkan-driver) DFMDerainbow is a derainbow function. Port of the inverse telecine filter for Avisynth, Several (edge) masking functions, adaptive grain, hybrid denoise.

Package for the FFTW3 library shared between several plugins, High quality bitdepth, colorspace conversion and resizing, Remove noise from a video clip by selectively blending pixels, Mostly wrapper functions or ports of AviSynth functions, A collection of ported popular Avisynth scripts such as QTGMC. A filter for converting high dynamic range (HDR) video to standard dynamic range (SDR). Image, GIF and Video enlarger/upscaler(super-resolution) achieved with Waifu2x, SRMD, RealSR, Anime4K and ACNet. Protect FullHD captions, credits on OP/ED with a mask! GitHub is where people build software. No! Supports raw(uncompressed) video, YUV4MPEG2 and WindowsBitmap(24bit/32bit RGB). Scene change detection plugin for VapourSynth, using xvidcore. Dedot is a temporal cross color (rainbow) and cross luminance (dotcrawl) reduction filter. TemporalMedian is a temporal denoising filter. This is a consolidation of vcmod, vcfreq, vcmove and addition of a few other functions. NRDB is a debanding function. Neo Temporal Median is a temporal denoising filter. SMPTE RP 219-2:2016 and ITU-R BT.2111 color bar generator for VapourSynth. If your gpu doesn't support vulkan, you can use Waifu2x-converter, which is also intergrated into the Waifu2x-Extension-GUI. It also supports extension into 3D and a faster, block based approach. Returns a list of all files and paths in a mpls playlist, Wrapper functions to make certain operations simpler. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. Allows easy remapping of frames in a clip through the use of a text file or an input string.

A script equivalent of Avisynth's Tweak function, Implementation of Anime4K upscaler in C++. This is a port of the 'a2d' method from the Avisynth plugin Deen, version beta 2. 3D frequency domain denoiser/sharpener. TTempSmooth is a motion adaptive (it only works on stationary parts of the picture), temporal smoothing filter. Port of pp7 from MPlayer. To associate your repository with the This is a port of the TEdgeMask/TEMmod Avisynth plugins.

waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan A general source plugin based on FFmpeg.

It replaces every pixel with the average of its neighbourhood. Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) is a low overhead adaptive sharpening algorithm and was created to provide natural sharpness without artifacts. This filter will introduce ghosting, so use with caution.

A rainbow remover based on the Bifrost filter for Avisynth, Bilateral filter for VapourSynth based on the OpenCV-CUDA library, Denoising filter using the BM3D algorithm, Butteraugli estimates the psychovisual similarity of two images.
Vine is a collection of a block/pixel matching based de-halo filter and a set of morphological filters. waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan I seem to have to use the terminal, as I guess we don't get a GUI like windows does? You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. ASTDR is a derainbow function.