Any code your application calls or that might call your application needs to share the same lock hierarchy, Lock data structures not functions. If this occurs, obtain a crash dump (see 7.4 Collecting Core Dumps for instructions on how to do this), gather as much information as possible, and submit a bug report or support call. This is a bug that should never have made it into the RTM version of Windows 8. You can choose to disable Windows write-cache buffer flushing to restore system performance, allowing the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology driver to handle all write-cache buffer flushing. If your PC has become unresponsive, you really need to know what to do about it. Using the -e option will cause ProcDump to detect an unhandled exception with the application and capture a process dump. Create a technical support case if you need further support. My SSD worked fine. 1. your username isnt listed anywhere. FAST Power Bank: No more 2-day recharge times! It is not trivial – OS won’t boot after the change. This utility is included in some distributions and otherwise obtained from the web site. Task Category: None Under the Volumes tab for all (Intel Raid 0 Volume and both M4 devices) no information is shown. It would have saved me 3 days and a lot of anger! Two-Factor Authentication without SMS or a smartphone. 1- Install win7x64(AHCI) with the latest drivers, specially for SATA controller. Servers - Windows Server 2008 R2. Still a problem in the release and no option to disable/enable hotswap in my BIOS. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If less code operates under a lock, there is less of a chance for deadlocks, Analyze lock acquisitions and releases in your error handling code. If a thread dump can be obtained, then a good place to start is the thread stacks of the threads that are in the runnable state. Every answer I have seen for the freeze fix so far seem to assume that you can actually get into w8. See 2.15.1 Thread Dump for information on the format of the thread dump, as well as a table of the possible thread states in the thread dump. This thread library implemented the m: n threading model, where m user threads are mapped to n kernel-level threads (LWPs). Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued. But then I found a post on the Windows 8 Forums by user “borate”: After a full week of stability it appears that the problem is resolved and may have been caused by a combination of missing or incorrect drivers/settings…. Guilty, your honor! For Windows 8 or later: sfc/scannow inside safe mode with command prompt. When you want to get complete memory dump, but there is no "Complete memory dump" option. I refer them to this article… but they dont want to work…. Pingback: Beware Windows 8 - SLUniverse Forums. I have some using 2010, 2007, and 2003 and I get notices of application crashes. See Chapter 7, Submitting Bug Reports for more details on data collection. Using this ghost window, the user can only move, minimize, and - most importantly - close the unresponsive application, but not change its internal state. At the time of this writing, lsstack reported native frames only.