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We have been providing premier landscaping and lawn maintaining facilities for residential and commercial places since years. Our company serves as a comprehensive solution to all your lawn designing and landscaping-related requirements. Your ideas and thoughts can be easily transformed into reality if you avail our modernized and innovative techniques of landscaping in Laurel MD and Rockville MD. We provide you a chance to make an impactful impression at your home or office with our expertise on landscaping in Rockville MD or in Laurel MD.

Turn your Residential or Commercial Property into a piece of Art:

You may never notice but every place developsa particular personaof its own that is primarily influenced by its inhabitants. The residence,workplace garden, or the nearby vicinity depicts its owner’s approach, ideas, preferences, outlook on lifeand interests. No matter how big or small your home or office lawn is it is the aura that it receives from you that makes the difference.Whether you require landscaping in Laurel MD or in Rockville MD, we offer specialized and customized services everywhere with a promise to give you much more than your expectations. We tend to bring forth a positive and pleasant aura around your residence/workplace through our originality, ingenuity and sincere efforts. Our services are one-of-a-kind in this field because our staff is creative, talented, and expert in their job.

Specialized Services offered for customized Landscaping in Rockville MD and Laurel MD:

  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Lawn Care and Mowing
  • Stone Work
  • Mulching Services
  • Landscape Decoration
  • Landscape Designing and planning

Our company is committed on serving its customers to the fullest and therefore, it incorporates an array of primary services along with the specialized landscaping facilities. Our clients can choose from a huge variety of services for creating and maintaining lawn and landscaping in Laurel MD and Rockville at very nominal charges. Some of the prominent primary services include:

  • Installing Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs and Trees
  • Pruning of Shrubs and Trees
  • Edging, Weeding, Mulching, and Cleaning of Beds and lawn
  • Fertilization, Seeding, Slicing, Dethatching, Mowing and Sodding
  • Drainage Modification
  • Controlling of Pre-emergent Crabgrass and Broadleaf Weed
  • Installing and Repairing of Irrigation and Lighting, etc…

There is a long list of services offered for serving and managing all probable tasks of landscaping in Rockville MD and Laurel MD. Our team can create an aesthetically inspiring, and impressionable environment at your lawn within your budget.

Quality-work and Innovation is our Prime Focus:

We understand the significance of incorporating your residential/commercial area’s historical backdrop and traditional contextinto your landscape. For us, your garden must be a reflection of both your social and individual identity. Therefore, the historical background of your area and vicinity will always be kept in mind while devising the customized landscape design for your lawn. For instance, while conceiving the design for landscaping in Rockville MD, our team will never overlook the history of the location and will come up with an interesting style that is in accordance with your personality and social framework. Similarly, if you hire us for landscaping in Laurel MD, the task will be performed by keeping in mind the place’s background and the lawn’s designing concept will be synchronized accordingly. Each vicinity, street, or area in Rockville MD and Laurel MD has a distinct history of its own, which will be utilized to gain inspiration for your landscape. There could be a hallmark building or a spot nearby your home that holds immense significance and can inspire imagination. Our expert landscapers will leave no stone unturned to ensure artistically rich landscaping in Rockville MD and Laurel MD.

Envisioning your style perfectly is our Trademark:

We excel in creating master pieces! Landscaping in Laurel MD and Rockville MD has been given a completely new avatar with our immaculate designing abilities and ideas. The creative geniuses working at our company are expert at envisioning your perceptions, style, and inspirations comprehensively and have mastered the art of materializing your persona in your place’s landscape. Hundreds of satisfied customers in Rockville MD and Laurel MD still feel inspired by our landscaping jobs.

To perfectly translate your vision and personality into your garden, our marvelous landscapers will require you to cooperate with them before proceeding on their landscaping in Rockville MD or Laurel MD task. To achieve their objective, we have a policy of conducting a consultation process. Our experts will seek your guidance throughout the landscaping procedure but initially they will startthis consultation process with a meeting to get to know you and discover your thoughts.

Additionally, our esteemed team members will survey your residence vicinity, the history of location, monumental extravagance that is found near your office or home and the overall ambience of the area. The more traditional your surroundings happen to be, the more ethnic and valiant our task of landscaping in Laurel MD or Rockville MD will be.

Our Team is the best in this Business:

Landscaping is certainly an art, which requires not just informational acumen on gardening ethics but also a mastery on creativity, originality, and abstracting. This is where our expert panel of landscapers scores more points over the existing competition. Our team has completely revolutionized the manner of landscaping in Rockville MD and Laurel MD and our creations are certainly up-to-the-mark and unbelievably unique. The team finalizes each design after immense research, location’s customary considerations and understanding of the client’s personality and needs. The result is always the same, that is, an innovative design to cherish for a long time and in most cases, forever.

To serve our customers in the best possible way, we hire landscapers from diverse backgrounds.  Our team comprise of exceptionally talented maestros from miscellaneous fields like horticulture, architecture, building contractors and urban planning to induce versatility in each landscaping job performed. Specifically, for performing landscaping in Rockville MD and Laurel MD, we have focused on hiring experts having sound knowledge on the areas customs and heritage.

Contact us and convertan ordinary garden in to a Picturesque Scenery:

For ensuring a delightful job of landscaping in Laurel MD and Rockville MD, contact us immediately and see how amazingly we transform an ordinary garden at your home or retail/commercial property into relishing scenery. Our services are exceptional, fanciful, and affordable.





My newly purchased property needed to be landscaped from scratch. It had been neglected by the previous owners and was an eyesore. With Original Landscaping, I was able to totally transform the property into a warm, habitable place. They really did an amazing job!
-Omar Rockville Maryland 20852

I switched to Original Landscaping because I wanted a company that does more than just blow away leaves. They did a splendid job with tree pruning, lawn reseeding, and mulching. I can definitely say our landscaping is eye candy for the whole neighborhood.
Potomac Maryland 20854

Our management company has worked with Original Landscaping on several commercial property projects. Each time, we were 100% pleased with the outcome. They have a lot of knowledge and talent, allowing them to come up with innovative landscape designs with great pricing.
-Danielle Bethesda Maryland 20814

One of the best landscapers around, period! I found a garden style that I loved in a magazine, and they were able to adapt it to my home with a very short turnaround time. Their maintenance service keeps all my trees and plants looking beautiful no matter what the weather outside is like.
– Sharon Georgetown Washington DC 20007


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